Central Park, Xiamen
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Mayfair by the Lake, Xiamen
Located at the well-established central business district of Xiamen with magnificent views of mountain, sea, lake and park, Mayfair by the Lake is planned to develop into a high-rise building. The residential complex provides a total gross floor area of approximately 500,000 sq ft. It provides 487 residential units with typical sizes ranging from approximately 450 to 3800 sq ft, studio apartment to five-bedroom and some special units. Project completed and handed over in June 2017.
The Palazzo, Chengdu
As an international high-end complex development located in the core region in Western China's Financial & Commercial Hub targeted in east Chengdu, it's prime location as adjacent to second ring road and scaled development with total GFA exceeding 13,000,000 sq ft. consisting of high-rise apartments, grade-A office, international hotel and a mix of commercial development, will well develop into a vibrant multi-functional high-end living community. Phase One and Phase Two provide 1115 and over 3200 residential units, respectively. Handover of Phase Two began in November 2017. 

Dynasty Park, Zhangzhou
Located in the core commercial district, Dynasty Park benefits from good transportation network and is easily accessible to various locations in Zhangzhou. The total residential and commercial area of the project is approx 4.5 million sq.ft., including low-rise and high-rise luxury residence with total around 4,000 units. The development also contains a premier clubhouse and a kindergarten. The exquisite designs, the luxurious clubhouse and its world class development will set up a new flagship landmark in Zhangzhou. Phase One has already been handed over in Mar 2014. Phase Two provides around 1047 residential units and has been handed over in September 2017. Phase Three is under development with a total gross floor area of over 1,100,000 sq.ft., providing 1268 residential units.

Central Park, Xiamen
Central Park is located at the prime location of Xiamen, at the intersection of three main roads of the town center. This site has been designated for residential and commercial development, comprising approx 450 residential units of 470,000 sq.ft. and over 51,000 sq.ft. of commercial space. Completed and handed over in Jun 2014.

Le Sommet, Xiamen
Le Sommet is one of Sino's high-end residences in Xiamen. It is located in the junction area of Jiahe Road and Changqing Road with a total gross floor area of approx 120,000 sq.ft.. The 25-storey development offers 138 high-end apartments and around 16,000 sq.ft. of retail space.